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About Alibaba Cloud Saudi Hackathon

Alibaba Cloud Saudi Hackathon aims to bring together students, enthusiasts, professionals and even beginners from the Kingdom and around the world to innovate and build projects in the domain of cloud technologies by harnessing Alibaba Cloud’s capabilities and innovative vertical solutions that facilitate deployments, development, scalability and fast go-to market. We encourage our participants to build and utilize Alibaba Cloud’s methodologies and tools to come up with brilliant solutions and implementation to their ideas. We will provide you with educational resources, sessions and workshops to help you kick-start your solutions.
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Hackathon themes
Logistics (Last-mile delivery)
Human-Computer Interaction (AI Powered chatbots)
Digital government
Hackathon Announcement:
17 Jan
Hackathon Registration Start:
17 Jan
Hackathon Registration End:
22 Jan
Hackathon Challenge Criteria Reveal and Start:
22 Jan
Hackathon End:
29 Jan - 01 Feb
Filtration & Judging:
02 Feb - 08 Feb
Winning Ceremony and announcement:
09 Feb
Total prizes are 2,000,000 SAR
Many sponsor prizes will include just one unit in such case, the team must let the organizers know who should receive the prize by deciding amongst themselves.
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